Voice Lessons

Discipline #2 in the LCMA method is singing. We believe every musician should have at least a basic understanding of vocal technique and if the student is gifted they should pursue more in-depth lessons. We train our pupils in both classical and modern technique, encouraging opera and musical theater, in addition to the contemporary music they know and love.

Our unique teaching system breaks down the singing methods of the most influential voices in history and enables students to glean from their favorite artists as they find their own unique style!

Join today and learn how to sing like... Pavarotti, Adelle, Elvis Presley, Chris Tomlin, Ella Fitzgerald, Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Tom Petty, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye and many others. Most importantly, learn how to find your natural singing voice so you sound exactly like you!