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John Paul Keene is an award winning pianist and critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, and music producer with 20+ years of teaching experience. His original songs have been featured on both radio and national television! He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Jazz Piano Performance from UCI (2011) where he studied at the world famous Claire Trevor School of the Arts.

Patrick Cheo

"I was able to play some of my favorite songs after only a few lessons"

Natalie Phelps

"I’ve taken lessons for over 20 years and can say he is the best instructor I’ve ever had"

Rachel Godfree

"If you are in the area and want to learn the piano I highly recommend..."

Proprietary Curriculum

Beginner to pro in 100 lessons

Our founder, John Paul, has developed two different beginner to pro curriculums. One for piano and one for voice. The goal is to turn total beginners into pros in as little as two years. Each curriculum is made up of 100 fundamental principles which build upon each other to create a rock-solid musical foundation.

The Best In North County

7 reasons why

We Come To You!

No more running to and from the studio during rush hour traffic. We come to you!


Learn from A Pro!

Master any genre of music by implementing the secrets of the pros!

faster mastery!

Master your instrument faster using our proprietary curriculum!


Tons Of Fun!

Music isn't supposed to be a chore, we make learning music really fun!

Professional Service!

Organization and timeliness are as important to us as they are to you! We make it easy!


All AGes!

Every age group requires a unique approach. We have methods for students from 5-95!


We take whatever precautions we can to protect our students from COVID-19.


learn with the best

new year, new talent!

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