in-home & online voice lessons

Teach Understanding

Our Method



we start by introducing foundational principles one at a time. Starting with these 'big picture' ideas, the student has a better footing to build their musical understanding upon.



The student and teacher explore each principle in depth together. This allows the student to develop connections and retain the information in a unique and personal way.



As more and more of these foundation principles are presented and explored, the student begins to combine the various ideas together to grasp the full picture of music.

discover your powerful natural voice!

Double The Technique

the best of both worlds

classical Voice Lessons

Traditional classical voice lessons focus on developing proper technique. The three main areas of focus are breath control (diaphragm control), placement (proper resonance), and vowel articulation. Classical voice technique permits the singer to sing loudly and clearly.

develop breath control

master diaphragm engagement

learn proper resonance

navigate vocal registers correctly

palette control

proper pronunciation/articulation

sing classical/opera

sing musical theater

modern Voice lessons

Modern vocal lessons focus on developing the singer's 'natural voice'. The goal is to sing with the same tone and articulation as one speaks with. Done correctly, this method prevents vocal damage, expands vocal range, and highlights the unique qualities of each singer's voice.

develop your natural voice

sing without vocal damage

sing like you speak

develop a multi-octave range

learn pop 'runs'

master vocal improv

sing pop

sing rock

sing indie/alternative

sing jazz/blues

sing country

sing gospel/modern worship

Unified Curriculum

Beginner to pro in 100 lessons

After studying with the very best in both classical and pop vocals, John Paul has developed his own unique teaching method which turns beginner singers into pros in as little as two years. The Beginner to Pro voice curriculum combines the best of both classical and pop vocal techniques to form a unified method. Each of the 100 voice principles builds upon the last to create a rock-solid vocal foundation.