Piano Lessons For Adults

Adults require a different approach to learning the piano

It's important to find a piano teacher that understands this. Adults have different learning styles and different priorities than children who are taking lessons. Therefore, their piano lessons should be different. Here are some key points that make our adult piano lessons successful: 

  • We follow the 80/20 Rule - We focus on the concepts that get you the most bang for your buck
  • We don't waste time on unnecessary theory
  • We don't waste time on outdated methodologies
  • We work on opening up the adults' 'intuitive musical abilities'
  • We focus less on definitions and more on principles
  • We use one song to teach multiple concepts at the same time
  • We make piano lessons fun - this isn't a second career, it's a hobby

Adults should focus on the music they love

Adult piano lessons should be focused around the music that the individual loves to listen to. We like to teach adults multiple genres and multiple styles of playing the piano, but it's beneficial to eventually settle on one or two genres or styles they really love. This will help them to reach their goals faster and master their preferred styles to a greater degree. Remember, piano lessons are supposed to be fun! To learn more, read: The Two Main Types of Piano Lessons

Adults learn the piano faster than children

Though it is true that young minds benefit greatly from learning music early on, adults actually still tend to learn music faster. Many adults are intimidated by the idea of starting piano lessons later in life, but they are actually in an optimal position to start learning. Adults have better pattern recognition skills, better focus, better discrimination, and better discipline which all help to speed up the learning curve.

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