The Two Main Types of Piano Lessons

There Are Two Main Types Of Piano Lessons

Make sure that you understand what you're going to learn before you invest in piano lessons. Often times students have one idea in their heads and teachers have another in theirs. To help clear up the confusion, you need to understand that there are two main types of piano lessons. They are both important but they are very different from one another.

1. Classical Piano Lessons

Throughout history, if someone said they were taking piano lessons, classical piano lessons is probably what they meant. See the list below for a better understanding of the genres one can expect to play during classical piano lessons. These are the type of piano lessons where the student learns to read music off of the page. This is an incredibly important skill! The notes, rhythm, and dynamics are all pre-planned for you ahead of time and it's your job to play it all back as specifically as possible. The only issue is that most modern piano students don't listen to classical music too much and they want to play the songs they know and love. Many people have attempted to fix this problem by translating modern pop music into pre-arranged piano scores but this leaves students frustrated because it doesn't quite sound right. This is where improv piano lessons come in. Here are some genre's of music that you can play when you take classical piano lessons:

  1. Classical Piano (Beethoven)
  2. Baroque Piano (Bach)
  3. Romantic Piano (Chopin)
  4. Ragtime Piano (Scott Joplin)

2. Improv Piano Lessons

Improv piano is a very broad term that we use to encompass multiple styles of music. During improv piano lessons, students learn the fundamental building blocks of music like chords, scales, and rhythms and how to combine them together effectively. It is a more 'true to form' way of approaching modern piano styles because this is the way they were written. Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish don't write musical scores the way that Beethoven did (and neither did The Beatles); they come up with them in a more improvised way. If you want to learn to play this style of music, make sure your piano teacher understands how to teach these kinds of piano lessons. Here are just a few of the genres that you will be able to play when you take improv piano lessons:

  1. Pop Piano
  2. Blues Piano
  3. Rock Piano
  4. Jazz Piano
  5. Boogie Woogie Piano
  6. Gospel Piano
  7. Contemporary Worship Piano
  8. 70's Piano
  9. 80's Piano
  10. Latin Piano
  11. Country Piano
  12. Hip Hop Piano

We Teach Both Types Of Piano Lessons!

It's our strong belief that piano students should learn both ways of playing the piano. Our piano lessons include learning both classical piano and improv piano and our students love it! They are both important for their own reasons and they are both applicable in different settings. Most piano teachers, teach only classical piano lessons- some teach only improv piano lessons, but very few teach both! Our unique method combines them into one curriculum so that our students are full equipped to understand and play any piece of music they so desire!

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