Why Piano Should Be Your First Instrument

What instrument should you learn first? 

Without a shadow of a doubt... the piano! There is no better instrument to learn when first getting started with music. Here are few of the main reasons.

English is the language of business - Piano is the language of music.

In other words, the piano is the instrument that all musicians share in common. All singers, all songwriters, and all instrumentalists have at least a basic knowledge of the piano. In college, all music majors must pass a piano proficiency test, whether they are a violinist, a saxophonist, or a guitarist!

The piano is the easiest instrument to play.

The piano is physically easier to play than the guitar, the violin, or any woodwind or brass instrument. It is ergonomic because the student faces the piano directly without twisting or torquing their hands. Additionally, the piano is composed of buttons which don't require the student to develop callouses as they would with the guitar or violin.

The piano is in all of your favorite music!

The piano claims the largest repertoire of well known songs! No matter what era your favorite music is from, you can find well known songs written for the piano. Baby Boomers will recognize songs by The Beatles, Elton John, Marvin Gaye, and The Bee Gees. Kids from Generation Z and beyond will recognize Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber.

The piano covers the most genres of music!

The piano is the instrument with the widest range of musical significance. Many instruments are relegated to a single time period or genre... not so with the piano. The piano can be found in classical, heavy metal, hip hop, blue grass, country, jazz, pop, gospel, and countless other diverse genres. For anyone with an eclectic taste in music, the piano is an obvious first choice.

The piano is the interface for all music production.

Music production is the art of putting different instruments together into one song. Back in the 1970's every instrument had to be played by a real musician. Today, just about any instrument can be accessed on the computer using a midi keyboard. Want to put a violin in a song? You can play it on the piano. Want to put a saxophone in a song? You can play that on the piano too. The ability to play the piano puts an endless number of instruments at your fingertips in a way that no other instrument can.

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