Piano Lessons With a Pro

Our founder, John Paul Keene is an award winning pianist and critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, and music producer. His music has been featured on both radio and television... most notably on CNN! He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Jazz Piano Performance from the University of California Irvine, studying under Kei Akagi. At the same time that he was studying jazz piano, he studied classical vocal technique with famed Croatian opera star Dubravka Zubovic. He utilized both of these skill-sets as a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles where he performed at some of Hollywoods' most well known venues. He's proud of his accomplishments, but he's more proud of the accomplishments of his students. As a piano teacher, it is his greatest satisfaction to see his students reach their full potential. Some of his pupils have gone on to study at prestigious music conservatories and have later worked as professional studio musicians.

When he was six years old, John Paul told his kindergarten teacher that he wanted to be a piano player when he grew up... he's still a piano teacher to this day so he's successfully living out that dream! But the dream has now expanded to include other aspects of music that he likes to share with his piano students. Rather than focusing solely on classical piano, he likes to teach his students to play improvised music, write music, and even sing while playing the piano as well. He believes that modern piano teachers should provide a well rounded education to their students to better prepare them for the modern musical world that they live in. The modern piano teacher should teach their students how the piano intersects with the voice, other instruments, and music technology.

John Paul has held just about every job there is to hold in the music industry, from Songwriter to Recording Artist to DJ to Music Producer to Session Musician to Private Piano Teacher for over 12 years. He enjoys sharing his wealth of experience with the next generation, providing them with a complete tool kit for making music in the 21st century. He resides in La Costa, CA with his wife and business partner Nathalie Keene.

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